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Georgie [userpic]

Christmas, 15 years later..

December 24th, 2008 (02:24 pm)

current mood: grateful

Each year since 1993, I have written about my father around Christmas.  Throughout the years, the journal medium has certainly changed.  At first it was pen and journal pad.  Then it grew to an on line bulletin board.  And then to Live Journal or Facebook or whatever on line medium we have now.  It was always the same type of entry.  I shared how my life was altered, path changed, direction unclear since the day he died.

It is different this year.

For many of the 15 years that have passed, we have had a memorial for my father at Church.  I have also done a lot of praying "for my father".  It might seem strange that I place quotation marks around "for my father".  It is poinant though.  To the best of my ability, I did pray for him. 

Things changed this year. 

I am not sure what exactly changed, and for which of the many possible reasons.  It could be that I am physically healtheir and therefor have a more clear mind.  Or, it could be that I am just growing up.  I am not really sure.  But I know it is true.

It is different this year.

I spent the anniveray of his death at a monastery where we had a memorial for him on that day.  I can honestly say, that for the first time since he died, I prayed FOR my FATHER.  I did not pray for me to stop missing him.  I did not pray for my mother or my sister to move on with their lives.  I did not pray for the pain to go away.  I prayed for my father's soul.  While I am sure in the Church's wisdom, she knew that we have a hard time moving on after a tragic event so in part, a memorial is for the family.  But this year, it was for my father. 

It is different this year.

We lifted up the Kolyva and Holy Bread and sang "Memory Eternal" for my dad and for the others we were praying for that day, and I cried.   They were not tears of sadness for me, but of emotion that I am praying to the Almighty God, for a very special man who had such a wonderful impact on so many people.  I was praying for his soul and that God would keep him ever in His memory.   It felt as though I was praying these words as a representative for my entire family that love him.  That all the nuns and those present were really praying for John Zouzoulas, and his soul.  They did not pray for Georgianne's dad or Betty's father or even for Helen's husband.   It was for the individual servant of God, John.

Oh I can read into this and I believe me I have.  I think the difference this year is that although I miss my father very much, my heart is not broken.  I love my father, but it no longer hurts to love him.  So, I can go put a $1 into a vending machine and use his invention of the dollar bill acceptor, or walk past a cheese ball at Christmas and smile!  I can enjoy each and every memory I have of my dad. 

This post was a lot less about my dad, and more about me than I wanted.  We'll see what I write next year....

May my father's memory be eternal.

Georgie [userpic]

Happy Birthday David

November 20th, 2008 (06:16 am)

current mood: cheerful

Happy Birthday philokalia!!

Georgie [userpic]

More photos of the babies

June 16th, 2008 (03:14 pm)

Here is a link the how the baby birdies are growing.  Alexandra will perch herself on the wire, but then hop on the floor and come to the window when I am in the room.  (She's named after St. Alexander 6/10)  She and her parents (Martha and Bud) are no longer afraid of me.  I can go out and watch them feed.




It has been an incredible thing watching God's creation!


Georgie [userpic]

Martha and Bud had babies

June 9th, 2008 (08:31 pm)

current mood: chipper

The newest member of the household is this family of birdies.The momma and pappa birdies, we affectionaly call Bud and Martha, had 5 eggs that I could count.  They were in a potted hanging plant that I brought home on Holy Saturday from the Epitaphios.  Two weeks after Pascha, 5 eggs were there and today, we have baby birdies.  Martha and Bud have been feeding them for about an hour and I was able to snap this shot.

Life is amazing!

Georgie [userpic]

St. Anthony

January 17th, 2008 (06:37 am)

Chronia Polla to [info]philokalia on his name day!

Georgie [userpic]

Sweet memories of my dad..

December 13th, 2007 (03:20 am)

current mood: thankful

Today there are smiles with the memory of a very special man, my dad!  It would not be December 13th if I did not journal about my dad in some way on this 14th anniversary of his passing.  This year, I smile and joyfully remember him.  It is not that I have not looked on my time with my dad with joy before.  I certainly have numerous times.   I think I feel more grateful than sad.  As I do every year, today I will take the day off.  This year, I am going to do some things my dad would do like finish up Christmas shopping and put up some Christmas decorations while singing made up versus to traditional holiday songs!  :=)   

It was our tradition to sing and play a lot of music.  I can still remember practicing the piano with some Christmas music and my father joining in with the bass.  He would sit beside me and it became a time of song instead of practice.  Eventually my sister would come over and sing alto and although I had a low voice, I'd pick up saprano.  God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman..  my dad's favorite (outside of the traditional Greek Hymns and greek heretage type Christmas songs.)  It really was a moment to remember.  We sang that way for hours but it seemed like only moments.  Laughter at each bad note I hit or made up lyric my dad snuck in because he forgot the words.  Turning the pages at the wrong time and not knowing what was next.  Laughing at how we shoudl really practice before even trying to sound like voices that mesh together.  It was never planned or forced but it always happened once a year.   

I am so incredibly grateful for my dad, my friend and these smiles of my time with him!!

May my dad's memory be eternal!

Georgie [userpic]

Preparations for Bible Bowl are under way..

May 26th, 2007 (06:56 am)

Well, the preparation has begun for our Parish Life Conference that will be held the first week in July.  Yes, I realize this is late.  At the last moment, we put together an adult Bible Bowl team.  This will be our, Holy Ascension's, first adult Bible Bowl team at the conference. 

So, thanks to phool4xc for his Bible Bowl study information and page, we are on our way with learning the Gospel of Luke.   I am looking forward to this and have been enjoying the studying.  I have never re-read a book many times consecutively and not been bored but I look forward to my time in Luke each day now. 

It is on my iPod so I listen to it everywhere.  There is also a Podcast from St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church where Fr. Evan taught a Survey of the New Testament Class at a local college from an Orthodox perspective.  I have listened to his lessons on the Gospel Of Luke a few times.  He is very good.

Whatever we learn will be a blessing even if we get every question wrong at the conference.

Georgie [userpic]

This is beautiful!

May 1st, 2007 (07:42 am)

Listen and  look at this!

Georgie [userpic]

A birdie alarm clock?

April 26th, 2007 (09:09 am)

current mood: grateful

This bird, which I think is a cardinal, has been my alarm clock every morning for the past 4 days or so.  He comes onto my balcony, perches on the post, then tries to fly through the screen and glass door.  This happens countless times until mid morning.  I am not really sure what to do about it but I pray he will get tired of failing and go away.  I have thought of moving the screen door and just leaving the glass door.  But the bird sits on the screen door once he realizes he is not flying through it.  If he tries to fly through the glass door, he'll be..  well.. hurt.  So for now I have a birdie alarm clock at 6:00 AM every morning.

Georgie [userpic]

St. Anthony

January 17th, 2007 (06:30 am)

current mood: sleepy

Happy name day and xronia polla to philokalia and everyone who's patron is St. Anthony the Great!

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